Lincoln Binns
- Electronic Enclosure Specialists with over 30 years of global trading and manufacturing experience. Providers of custom and 'off the shelf' enclosures for the electronics industry, our knowledge and services are unmatched from small to mass produced quantities. Our products are used in a variety of industry sectors including AV, GPS, Marine, Automotive, IoT and Fibre Optics. Using our expertise we can reduce cost and time to market.
"I was invited to the initial launch of the project, when the solar car was still a concept, and at the kind invitation of Dr. Spiers I became involved in some of the design and execution of the building process, and I carried out the final examination of the vehicle and certified it as being roadworthy prior to it being shipped to Australia.".
Autodesk is a new addition to our sponsors our new 3D design software will help in the design of all the high tech precision components.

Autodesk is capable of proffesional architectural and engineering design

We have combined our most powerful software and services to create one simple package, for one great price - Autodesk industry collections.
Iconic engineering solutions LTD offers first class Engineering services

Founded in 2013, Iconic engineering solutions Ltd was set up to provide a quality engineering service yet accesible way for other buisnesses to add to their engineering operations without the commitment and hassle of using agency solutions.

Based in Grantham (Lincolnshire) amd now operating out of their new premises (in Retro house), Iconic is now ofering high end CAD support and mechanical design services to many industry sectors.

Ardingly solar are delighted with the friendly and informed solutions Iconic engineering have offered. They have manufactured the upright arms, battery plates and suspension brakets. All these parts Iconic have advised on the best manufacturing process and delivered to previously agrred timescaes.
Solbian is an Italian company manufacturing innovative solar panel, mainly for mobile applications. Born to work well even in particularly difficult circumstances and under heavy mechanical stresses typical of extreme ocean racing, the photovoltaic module "Solbianflex" is a true revolution in the field for the high efficiency never achieved by a light and flexible panel and for the outstanding re- sistance to weather and degrading agents such as thermal shock, fog and salt water, solar radiation and shocks (can be walked). The panel is made of special polymers selected by researchers of CNR, a patented technology.
What makes Solbianflex panels innovative? The answer is simple: they are manufactured by encapsu- lating photovoltaic cells between polymer layers, without using protective glass. Solbian is not the only one to have followed this path, but it is the first to have developed a flexible, lightweight photo- voltaic module using crystalline silicon cells, robust enough to pass the stringent tests of the IEC cer- tifications (61215 and 62730): a result already obtained in 2011.
Solbian uses the best crystalline silicon cells from quality suppliers, like many other module manufac- turers. However, the various polymer layers that encapsulate and protect the cells are an exclusive patented recipe, kept secret like all great industrial recipes. A recipe elaborated and improved over five years and constantly evolving to keep pace with technology.
Since 2013 Solbian has been involved in solar car racing, interested in using those competition as test field, both for its existing technology and for new developments. Moreover the collaboration with solar race teams has already been source of inspiration and stimulus for technological improve- ments.
The last year cooperation with Ardingly Team has been particularly interesting for Solbian because of the freshness and spontaneity of the students, even younger than usual and so keen in participating with an "old style" car body fully stuffed on new technology. The actual development actually showed that supporting Ardingly was the right choice, the new project looking as a real break- through, both for style and technological content.
Solbian, born to bring solar energy in the marine field, is broadening its penetration in several other markets. Electrical mobility, among them, is seen by Solbian as one of the most promising in the me- dium/long term, and the solar car races represent the best occasion to test R&D developments with the major advantage of cooperate with many young, skilled and open minded students.
Time 24
Time 24 are one of Europe's largest contract manufacturing specialists for the supply of control & panel wiring, full systems integration, electromechanical assemblies and cable harnesses. Supplying world class partners our growth and reputation are based on supplying innovative supply chain solutions, de- livering value added on time programmes and providing extremely competi- tive turnkey designed product. We are also developing partnerships and joint ventures with a variety of offshore companies in order to provide truly global solutions through low cost country sourcing.
Time 24 are previous winners of the Sussex Business Awards and have previ- ously been registered in the KPMG/Microsoft Fasting Growing Companies in Europe Table.
Helping to assist Ardingly Solar with the Car Electrics comes rapidly after they have just completed a range of Control Panels for the Bloodhound Project. A global engineering adventure using a 1000mph world land speed record attempt to inspire the next generation to enjoy, explore and get involved in Science Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. Time 24 joint MD David Shore commented “It has been an absolute pleasure working with these stu- dents. Their commitment, enthusiasm and excitement has been infectious and it has been excellent to see how they have not only developed their engineer- ing skills but above all their problem solving and interpersonal skills”.
ince 1959, HPC has been the name synonymous with engineering a quality solution at the right price on time. HPC Precision Engineering is based in Burgess Hill, West Sussex. HPC use over 50 CNC machine tools, with ninety percent being no older than 5 years, whilst employing 250 people. HPC are constantly breaching machining boundaries, developing new tooling and methods of machining together with our machine tool technology partners.
Insitute of Motor Industry
iThe Institute of Motoring represents the UK motoring industry, including man- ufacturers and the associated support industry. Its patron is Prince Michael of Kent.
“ I was invited to the initial launch of the project, when the solar car was still a concept, and at the kind invitation of Dr. Spiers I became involved in some of the design and execution of the building process, and I carried out the final ex- amination of the vehicle and certified it as being roadworthy prior to it being shipped to Australia.” - Douglass Wragg.
In the new project they are playing a key role in ensuring our car meets MOT regulations. A great partner to have.
White Ellerton
White Ellerton, established in 1947, are specialists and experts in the design and pro- duction of all types of acrylic forming including: Acrylic Fabrication, Thermo Forming, Automotive & Aircraft Acrylics, Vacuum Forming, Exhibition Acrylics, Precision Engi- neering, Display Cases, Point of Sale and Injection Moulding.
It is their advice and expertise that allowed the complex visor, in 3 parts, to be manu- factured which helps give the car its unique shape and aerodynamic properties.
EJ Owen engineering
E J Owen engineering has been based in Braintree, Essex UK since 1985 and is proud of the quality products and onnovative solutions they offer. As suplliers to all sectors of trade and also open to the publc, E J Owen Engineering caters to a wide selection of costomer requirements.

E J Owen's wealth of technical knowledge has been invalublee in helping the Ardingly solar construct the all important wish bones for the solar car. Their ability to manufacture accurate parts has been ensured that the steering and suspension react as per the computer simulations.