We are the future transport


Born out of a passion for innovation and creativity, the Ardingly Solar Project became the first ever European school team to compete in the World Solar Challenge in October 2015. This ambitious, forward thinking initiative plunges students into the world of industry, extending engineering, technological and business studies far beyond the confines of a class room. Students are regularly exposed to unique situations which requires them to put their skills and knowledge into practice; it is not everyday that a student is able to present in a boardroom at McLaren, or install the chassis of a real-life car!

As a team, we wish to never be satisfied with past successes; for this reason we are continuing to drive forward and adventure further into the world of green technology. With our hunger for progress in mind, we are now building a new, improved solar car.
Our Plan

2017/08          Hot Weather Testing

2018/07          Tour of the U.K.

2018/09          European Solar Challenge

2019/10          Bridgestone World Solar Challenge

It is great to be a sponsor of this project. However if you don't want to be one, we still offer you to be a part of Ardingly Solar community. So if you want to see us crossing the finish line at the European Solar Challenge in 2018, please hit the Support button.