Ardingly Solar is an ambitious student-led project that aims to participate in the 2015 World Solar Challenge, a biennial race across Australia from Darwin to Adelaide of approximately 3000km. Each participating team designs and builds a solar powered car to compete in the race. In addition to this, the Ardingly Solar team aims to raise awareness about women in engineering, as well as inspiring younger students to take on projects that are relevant to global issues.

The project involves a combination of skills, including high-level electrical programming and mechanical engineering – none of which are taught on our school’s curriculum. The students participating have taken on this project in the knowledge that they will have to develop a variety of skills independantly in order to build this car. The project does not only involve the technical aspect with our mechanics and electronics team, but also the business side, allowing students to gain experience and pariticipate in a variety of fields. All of this can only be achieved through determination and effective communication, both within the team and to all sponsors. We are also grateful to learn from university students and subject experts.

Thank you for taking the time to look around our website, if you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us – a full list of managers and their email addresses can be found on our Contact Page.