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Born out of a passion for innovation and creativity, the Ardingly Solar Project became the first ever European school team to compete in the World Solar Challenge in October 2015. This ambitious, forward thinking initiative plunges students into the world of industry, extending engineering, technological and business studies far beyond the confines of a class room. Students are regularly exposed to unique situations which requires them to put their skills and knowledge into practice; it is not everyday that a student is able to present in a boardroom at McLaren, or install the chassis of a real-life car!

As a team, we wish to never be satisfied with past successes; for this reason we are continuing to drive forward and adventure further into the world of green technology. With our hunger for progress in mind, we are now building a new, improved solar car.
Our Plan

2017          European Solar Challenge

2018          American Solar Challenge

2019          Bridgestone World Solar Challenge

It is great to be a sponsor of this project. However if you don't want to be one, we still offer you to be a part of Ardingly Solar community. So if you want to see us crossing the finish line at the European Solar Challenge in 2018, please hit the Support button.

We are solar

Caroline Smith

Head of Project

An ambitious head of project, passionate about green energy, Caroline oversees and coordinates the team's activities, whilst using her economics and public speaking skills to communicate with sponsors, partners in industry and media outlets.


Email: caroline.smith@students.ardingly.com


Eike Landwehr

Head of Business

Driven by the ambition to allow our dream to become reality, Eike works closely together with partners in industry and media. He and his team are responsible for fund raising, marketing and logistical challenges.


Email: eike.landwehr@students.ardingly.com


Zac Riley

Head of Electronics

Zac Riley joined the Ardingly project as he felt he needed to do more extra-curricular activity - and this was the perfect thing for him. Wanting to have a career in the engineering sector, Zac is learning invaluable skills from the project, and is looking forward to the car's first race.


Email: zac.riley@students.ardingly.com


Cameron Elder

Head of Mechanics

Enthusiastic about maths and physics, Cameron is ideal for the role. Since joining the team in shell, he has gained experience in engineering which he wants to do in later years. Along with Harry and the rest of the team, the mechanics will help build the chassis and bodywork for the amazing new car.


Email: cameron.elder@students.ardingly.com


Harry Tucker

Head of Mechanics

Harry is a part of the solar car team because this allows him to get involved in real life decisions a company would make. He has always aspired to be a mechanical engineer and he thinks this is the best way to achive his dreams. Harry Tucker has enjoyed the last four years on the project and hopes to carry on until he leaves Ardingly.


Email: harry.tucker@students.ardingly.com


Pyotr Baskakov

Head of IT

Coming from a family full of engineers, Pyotr is very passionate about programming and electronics. He has joined this project to not only learn new skills bit also to raise awarness about the use of solar energy and how we can change this planet for the benefit of future generations.


Email: pyotr.baskakovs@students.ardingly.com


John Binns

Mentor in Industry

It takes hours of hard work from a very special type of person to ensure the smooth running of what is as much a business as a school project. For our team, this person is John: a man with a wealth of experience, willing to help us racing in the World Solar Challenge. John Binns is also CEO of Lincoln Binns Ltd.


Email: johnbinns@lincolnbinns.com

Chief Mechanical Design Engineer

Robert Smith

Chief Mechanical Design Engineer

Rob Smith has joined on a work placement from Brighton University. He is a fanatic about cars and motor bikes. His enthusiasm and knowledge perculiates through the college. He is the key driver of the team.




Dr. Andrew Spiers

Project Supervisor

From the forefront of industry to the classroom, Dr Spiers began his career as a teacher in 2004. As pioneer of the Ardingly Solar Car, Dr Spiers supervises activity on the car and provides a wealth of valued expertise and advice to ensure deadlines are met.


Email: andrew.spiers@ardingly.com

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