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Ardingly Solar is an ambitious student-led project that has been taken on by a group of students since 2012. The ultimate goal of the project is to race in the World Solar Challenge in 2015. The World Solar Challenge is a race across Austrailia from Darwin to Adelaide which is about a 3000km journey done only in a solar car In addition to this, the team aims to raise awareness on women in engineering as well as inspiring younger students to take on projects that are related to global issues.

The project involves a combination of skills including high-level electrical programming and mechanical engineering – none of these skills are taught on our school’s curriculum. The students on the team have taken on this project know they will have to learn and educate themselves a variety of skills in order to build this car. The project does not only involve the technical side with our mechanics and electronics team but as well as business side that allows students to build a project from the ground up. All of this can only be achieved through determination communication within the team and to all sponsors but also we are grateful to receive advice from university students and subject experts.

So please do take time to explore the site and follow us on twitter. If you have any questions then head to our contact page where a full list of all managers can be obtained.