The Project

Born out of a passion for innovation and creativity Ardingly Solar aims to be the first ever European School to compete in the 2015 World Solar Challenge – a biennial race across Australia from Darwin to Adelaide of over 3000km.

From high-level electrical programming to acquiring financial sponsorship, the project takes students into the world of industry; driving them to develop a combination of skills independently as they overcome the challenges of building their own solar car.

With a need for speed, an eye for detail and a taste for style we want to produce a car that doesn’t just race well but looks good too. We also want to inspire younger students around the world to take on projects of global importance, to venture where no student has been before and to break the boundaries of what people tell them is possible!

Matthew Price

Team Manager

As well as overseeing general operations Matt has been heavily involved in the electronics for the team, developing a unique raspberry pi system to control electronics for the car. When Matt isn’t working on the car, you can find him on the hockey pitch or training with the football team.

Holly Hill

Mechanics Manager

Leading the largest and rowdiest division of this student led project isn’t always easy, but assertive, reassuring and passionate about science, Holly makes light work of this task. As engineers, it’s the role of the mechanics team to produce a chassis and shell for the car.

Lennart Flür

IT Manager

The brainchild behind this website: fascinated by the world of code and programming Lennart made his debut with the team in 2014. He tells the team modestly ‘I started with very little, but each time I faced a problem, I looked it up and learnt from other people's code and over time I became better and better to code on the level I do today’.

Johannes Jebsen

Business Manager

Enthusiastic, modest and unassuming, it is now Johannes 3rd year in the team. Working closely with the Marketing Team and our partners in industry, the business team make this engineers dream possible.

Dr. Andrew Spiers

Project Supervisor

From the forefront of industry to the classroom, Dr Spiers began his career as a teacher in 2004. As pioneer of the Ardingly Solar Car, Dr Spiers supervises activity on the car and provides a wealth of valued expertise and advice to ensure deadlines are met.

Ellie Haines

Marketing Manager

Drawn to the world of journalism, Ellie oversees media communication, publicity and promotional activity for the car. She reflects “Ardingly Solar has given me a unique insight into the world of marketing […] allowing me to develop my journalistic skills”.

Our partners

Our Achievements

Exhibiting at the McLaren Motor Show
Working with and alongside Cambridge University
Working with Stanford University
Training at nt CADCAM
Local and national media coverage
Work experience at McLaren and Pro Drive
Working with MIA Electric Cars
Exhibiting at the South of England Show
Entering and winning Big Bang STEM competitions
Winning the “Thales Prize for Coding and Computing”
Winning the “Pyrotech Award for Design and Technology”
NSEC Regional winners for ‘Electronics and Technology’
Exhibiting at the NSEC National Exhibition at the NEC in Birmingham